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Privacy Policy

Ether Invites Privacy Policy

Ether Invites privacy policy describes collection, protection and usage of user data on our website .

Collecting user data

We don't store any your personal data except ethereum wallet address. We only need it to know where to send your earned eth.

Advertisement on our project

We have no advertisements on our website. However our partners offers could have them and you should read their website policy.

Linking to other projects

Our project can contain some external to other websites but we are not affiliated in any way and you should read their personal policy.

Website security

We use latest state of the art security solutions to protect our service. As we are working with crypto currency it is required from us to keep our security very tight. Also your ethereum wallet addresses are fully encrypted so nobody can see them even they get somehow all the data.

Policy changes

We have reserved all the rights to change our policy at any time. You will see any changes posted on our homepage and we will inform our users of any changes.

Acceptance of our website policy

By reading this policy you automatically accepting all the terms. You are bound to all the terms and any violation can mean your account could be deleted and ethereum removed from your wallet.

Contacting Us

If you have any questions related to our website policy, please contact us HERE.

Usage of other personal data

Only other data we keep in our systems is ip address to prevent fraud and claiming of too much ethereum.

Cookie Policy

Our website gives users cookies only to asign refferal address and nothing more.