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How To Get Free Ethereum - Ether Invites

Get Free Ethereum For Inviting People

Ether Invites is a new and unique project that gives users Ethereum just for inviting other people to join our project! Earn up to 0.004 ETH for 1 invited user which equals to about 15 USD

Enter Your Ethereum Wallet Address and Start Inviting Now

How to Use

Cloud Based Services

Our services are 100% cloud based. To use our project users don’t have to download anything and you can be 100% secured from any attacks. This is not a mining project. Everything you need to do is just follow simple instructions to get you free ethereum. You will be paid for every people you invite.

State Of The Art Security

We won't require or collect any private user information. We identify you by your ethereum wallet address and send your earned free ETH. Also we recommend using highly secure crypto exchanges like Coinbase to deposit money and store crypto currencies.

Free To Use

We don't charge our users with crypto fees! If you earn 0.1 ETH this means you will get 0.1 Ethereum with no hidden fees. Our marketing model let us pay our users for every invited people in this development stage because we are increasing our client base.

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Attention! Our Fair Usage Policy: we are tracking invited users by ip address and cookies. If you violate our terms and use any kind of bots or any other illegal software we have a right to delete your accout and remove your ethereum wallet balance and tokens. Please be aware we don't tolerate cheating on our website. This is to provide best user experience possible for our clients.



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Ethereum is the future don't miss out a chance to earn free ethereum!

Why you should use Ether Invites?

Did you ever saw another ethereum project which gives you eth for only inviting your friends to join their project? In case you are living under a rock ethereum is the second largest crypto currency and it is more usable than bitcoin - Second largest cryptocurrency soars more than $20 BILLION in a week. This is the future of digital money and alternative for fiat online payment system.

Also our website is super simple to use even for your relatives which don't know how to even use a computer moreover what is smart contract.

How much can i earn in reality? Do i get paid in ethereum?

This really depends on your skills to invite as many people as you can. For example you can post in facebook and if you have many friends you will get many refferals and you will earn more eth. If you want to introduce anybody to ethereum you can direct them to this Wesite. For one invited user you will get from 0.005 free ETH and you will need to invite at least 5 people to get a payment and withdraw eth to the wallet.

Special Promotion!

Currently we running a promotion where you can earn as much as 0.05 ETH in a few minutes just by sharing your link in forums, facebook etc.. We recorded many people that can achieve these results if they send invitations to all their friends or promote in places like facebook, forums etc. This offer won't last long as ethereum price increases every day and we have a limited supply to share. There is also super promo where you can get free bitcoins for doing almost the same steps so you can double your crypto wallet!

How to earn 20% extra just by sharing your personal link?

Our developers offer website users bonus chance to earn 20% more to your total earnings just if you before withdrawal share our link on social networks (google+, twitter and facebook).

Be aware, there are some extra steps doing withdrawal...

When you are withdrawing ethereum you might in some point see offers which are made by our sponsors and you have to complete them. To be honest 100% this is how me make most of our ethereum and it is from our sponsors. So we can have eth to pay all our users. These offers can be different for example you have to install some free app on your phone. 99% of this ethereum goes straight back to pool to pay for our users and 1% goes to the fees for project hosting and staff. This is not some kind of ethereum cloud mining service which uses your computer resources. We are hoping for your understanding.

Having problems completing verification?

If you are having any problems with withdrawal or others first please check these common solutions:

First things are to check if you have adblock plugins or programs on your computer or mobile phone

If you use our website with any adblock software some elements can be not displayed. For example some scripts can be blocked, invitation system or withdrawal process so always check if you run any software. Also it can block crypto wallets too. So in order to complete withdrawal verification to your ethereum faucet just turn off any software that blocks any elements on websites. Also for increased security it is better transfer crypto coins directly to paper or hardware wallets.

WebBrowser Issues

You should always update to the newest versions of your browsers on computers and mobile phones because some old browsers doesn't support new htlm 5 features.

Support and Contact Information

If you have any problems or questions directed to eth invites website please contact us via contact form.


It is a new way to get into crypto currency

Amazing project with latest technology which gives users ethereum only for doing simple task of inviting other user to join their project. Thank you for this inovation in promoting website and looking forward to see what you will do in the future.

Simon Dales -

Thanks i got my first crypto - Ethereum!

I'm very impressed with Ether Invites simple system and definitely send invites to my friends to try it out. It took me 2 hours to collect 0.11 ETH which i think is great investment in the future!

Tom Platters -

Great website with good team

They helped me to set up ethereum wallet on coinbase and i got an extra $10 to my account using their link! You can also buy bitcoin on coinbase and exchange to ethereum which is pretty cool.

Megan Richardson -